Worker Spotlight: Chris

What do you do at Black Star? 

I cook. I’m cooking right now. (Editor’s note: this is true. The interview was conducted while the subject was cooking)

Where are you from? 

Lubbock, TX

What’s your favorite beer currently on tap? 

Waterloo. It’s delightful!

What’s your favorite late-night drunk snack? 

God, anything–I’m drunk! Maybe hot wings and tacos. Though, to be clear, I’ll eat those anytime, anywhere. Or ramen… Michi and Dojo are open late. 

What’s the last book you read?

The Lord of the Rings, for like the 800th time.

What’s your favorite cooperative principal?

Making grilled cheese. That’s my favorite part of working in the Black Star Co-op kitchen. Is that a cooperative principal? 

Which do you prefer: pie, cake, or mochi?

None of the above. I like cheesecake. I’ll eat any of the others, but only if they’re made with strawberries. 

Favorite Austin restaurant? 

Michi Ramen

Kimchi: is there anything you wouldn’t put it on? 

Pancakes. I mean western style flatcakes–I wouldn’t eat those with kimchi. But actual kimchi pancakes are fine, obviously. 

If you could go anywhere for the month of August to escape the Austin heat, where would you go? 

Vietnam. The heat doesn’t bother me, I work in a kitchen!