Co-ops Have More to Be Thankful for

In years past, the inimitable Dana Curtis penned letters of appreciation to the Membership in the spirit of Thanksgiving. An inventory of what the business owes to the devoted support of our Member-Owners. This year, my first with the co-op, I am writing that letter. My perspective is fresh, but raw, if I miss a few things, forgive me. 

1. Participation and Accountability:
Everything we do as a business must meet the standards set by membership. You elect the Board of Directors, the policy makers at Black Star Co-op, and in turn hold the Board accountable for its policy decisions. By attending monthly Board meetings you provide feedback by participating in meetings and member events.

2. Goals and Values: 
The moral guideposts that factor into the everyday operation of the Co-op are provided by the Member-Owners.  By being a member of the Co-op, you support, not only the internationally accepted cooperative principles, but also Black Star’s values of excellent worker treatment, environmental sustainability, and community involvement. 

3. Patronage: 
Perhaps the most obvious way that we rely on the membership is through patronage. Whether you’re bringing co-workers by for happy hour, enjoying a Member-Owner discounted house beer on Tuesday, or making Black Star Co-op your regular Friday lunch spot–we depend on you utilizing our services. 

If you’d like to share any of the aspects of Black Star Co-op that you’re thankful for, please feel free to comment (one more way to participate in your Co-op).