A Season of Comfort: Black Star Co-op’s Fall Menu

One of the best things about having a kitchen dedicated to the production of local seasonal cuisine, is a menu that is constantly rejuvenated with new items throughout the year. If you hadn’t noticed, we launched a new menu last week. The most significant change is the markedly expanded entrée options. Hearty favorites like our homemade Spätzle and Bowl of Red are back on to warm the soul (chicken soup has had it’s day in the sun, let it rest in peace). We’re showcasing our local organic meat providers with three classic dinner dishes: Pot Roast made with 44 Farms underblade, a Legend Meats sourced Pork Chop, and Roast Chicken from Holmes Farms

If you look elsewhere on the menu you’ll notice we’ve made other appetizing additions. Fried Gulf Oysters are set to become major players in the coming months, and the Czar Salad is our take on the always classic caesar salad. Even some of our perennial favorites have undergone renovation. For example: the grilled cheese sandwich is now prepared on fluffy, buttery pullman loaf slices. 

Come explore our new menu and let us know how you like it.