October 2014 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Present: Erin, Kenley, John V, Joe, Annelies, Nicole, Cole, Charles

Consent Agenda: Move to adopt w/ two changes to September minutes: no decision on keeping current consultant, and “HUETER”

JV moves to adopt, Charles seconds, 6-0-0

Membership Linkage Committee: Elections are live. Everything is set for meeting other than arrangements for vote counting. 

Board Outreach Committee: House that Beer Built going well. 

Finance Committee: No meeting. 

Systems Audit Committee: Plans to continue to meet and finish the policy revision proposals. 

Discussion of Board Officers: Discussion of official duties versus traditional duties. Kenley would prefer someone else to take over Secretary role. It is not a “natural” role for him. Erin is not going to be on the Board next year. Kenley is willing to take over President, with caveat that he may be lacking sleep for one or more meetings. Erin thinks the President should be someone with at least one year of past experience. Nicole suggests that the WA rotates roles of minute taking, facilitation, so maybe the Board could rotate some roles as well. Annelies volunteers to assemble the Board packet for November. Minutes take roughly 30 minutes per month. Do we need a treasurer? Is it the Finance Committee chair? Or does the WA do most of it? Charles is willing to be an officer. Nobody knows if Scott or Steve is interested in either role. 

Discussion of MA meeting planning: Member comments at the beginning, but no time allotted. Discussion of vision exercise. 

Break. Cole leaves. Annelies checks on her chicken. 

Erin moves to enter internal session to discuss budget, business plan, operations update, D8 and D10. Annelies Seconds. Motion carries, 6-0-0. 

Exit internal session. Annelies moves to approve D8 and D10. Second by Erin. Motion carries 6-0-0. 

Next meeting agenda. 

B.9 – Steve

B.11 – Charles