September 2014 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Call to order at 11:03. 


Johnny Livesay (D)

John Vinson (D)

Charles Hueter (D)

Erin O’Bryant (D)

Kenley Maddux (D)

Joe Silva (D)

Nicole Renaux (BSL)

Chris Byram (Alternate BSL)

Christa Kimmel Zufelt

Chris Worker

Cole Hammel


Scott Kelley enters at 11:06


Consent Agenda

Kenley moves to adopt

Johnny seconds

Motion carries 7-0-0.


Board Outreach Committee

Report by Charles: Extravaganza went well. Lots of interest in House that Beer Built. Good attendance. 


Finance Committee

Did not meet. Has addressed Board budget. Will review proposed co-op budget. 


Membership Linkage Committee

There are five candidates for four seats. Election is live. Committee needs to meet regarding tallying process and rules. 


A.4 Report. Although one survey suggested marginal compliance, there were no comments. 

Kenley moves to adopt report. 

Scott seconds. 

Motion carries 7-0-0. 


Discussion of Worker Remuneration policies. 

Systems Audit Committee has proposed new language fro D.3. 

Annelies enters at 11:25. 

Discussion of flexibility to retain advanced workers, grow workforce. 

Discussion of “cause or allow” language. Kenley would like to keep it. 

With changes, Board will retain ability to monitor and govern total worker remuneration. This is inherent in Board role, and included in B and C policies. 

Erin moves to adopt proposed revision, with “Cause or Allow” language retained. 

Kenley seconds. 

Motion carries 8-0-0. 


Internal session.

Kenley moves to enter internal session to discuss D.7 report, Board budget, and operations update, with guests invited to stay. 

Johnny seconds. 

Motion carries 8-0-0. 

Board leaves internal session at 12:35 p.m.


D.7 Report. 

Annelies moves to adopt. 

John seconds. 

Motion carries 8-0-0. 


Planning for next meeting:

Kenley to monitor B.8. 

Annelies to monitor C.4. 




10/19 – Board meeting. 

10/26 – MA meeting.

11/16 – Board meeting.

12/15 – Extravaganza. 


Scott moves to adjourn. 

Kenley seconds. 

Motion carries 8-0-0.