Austin Beer Week Calendar

Austin Beer Week, that beautiful time of year when we Austin celebrates its burgeoning craft beer scene, is nearly upon us and Black Star Co-op’s calendar is stacked.  For convenience’s sake, we’ve collected all the events we’re hosting during ABW in this here blog post: 

October 26: Black Star Co-op at Austin Homebrew Supply (offsite)
Join Black Star Co-op Brewers Chris Hamje & Andy Martinec for a meet-and-greet at Austin Homebrew. They’ll be dispensing free beer and free information at 2pm.

October 27: Independence Beer Food Pairing
We’ll be celebrating Independence Brewing Co.’s birthday with special food pairings for a couple of their milestone beers – their 9th Anniversary Black IPA and their 10th Anniversary Dry-Hopped Barleywine, as well as their solid core offerings of Power and Light Pale Ale and Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout.

October 28: Circle’s Cocktail Shindig & Old Sour Dewberry Release
Join us for a fresh take on Circle’s beers as we transform them into mojitos and punches, cheladas and fizzes.  We’re also releasing favorite house beer: Old Sour Dewberry.  OSD is tart, malty, fruity,  and sour-mashed with premium English malts & black traeacle. (The beer gets its name from member-owners Dan & Joelle Dewberry, who designed it for the benefit of all)

October 29: High Esteem Pint Night
We’ll be highlighting one of our hallmark beers to celebrate Austin Beer Week–High Esteem.  Free pilsner glasses will be awarded with a purchase of “the most confident beer on the planet.

October 30: Jester King Mystery (???) Release
Jester King is gifting us a jack-in-the-box of sorts, a mystery beer the will be unveiled to us and you in tandem on Oct. 30th. So please, come and see which of Jester King’s assorted cast of cartoonish faces make a surprise appearance. 

October 31: House Pumpkin Casks
We’ll be tapping Recalcitrant Dockhand pumpkin casks (pumpcasks) on All Hallows’ Eve. The process: hollow out pumpkins, put beer in pumpkins, serve beer from pumpkins. The result: a devil-be-damned delicious beer.